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Questions and Answers

I need more privacy!!!!?

Q) Im part of quite a big family and theyre all understanding etc but sometimes i feel like they dont respect my need for privacy and come barging in on me getting changed look through my draws and read the computer screen when ive gone to the loo etc. I think its because as a child i was very open and all of a sudden ive gone quite secretive. I just dont know how to get some privacy!!

A) This is quite normal. It is growing up and I guess you are around 12-14 yrs? Two issues One is explaining you need your own space and privacy. Your folks will not know you have reached this stage in your life unless you tell them. Second is practical. If you have your own room, well explain you need a lock on the door..............and if that happens respect the space/trust you are given. If you do not have your own room, then discuss futher options. Finally, that is what brothers and sisters are drive you up the wall! But you love them really,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

does god respect our privacy in the bedroom?

Q) I know that we are under constant surveilance from god. I know he is the ultimate 'Big Brother' but does he really need to keep watching while people are having sex? where does god stand on privacy laws? so does god respect privacy in the bedroom or does he like watching?

A) God sees everything - the bedroom is no different! There is no hiding place!

Does a person within their own home have a right to privacy if they dont close their curtains?

Q) Does a person within their own home have any right to privacy if they do not take steps to prevent people in the street outside from seeing into their home.

A) There is something called the "plain view doctrine". If it's in plain view, then it's free for all. You cannot claim the right to privacy if you place the object in such a situation wherein it can be accessed by anyone.

how far away from next doors window can I put up a screen for privacy?

Q) next doors window sits about a foot above my garden and we would like to improve privacy, also my son plays football in the garden and I am concerned about him breaking the window. would like to erect a screen for privacy/protection

A) You can put up a screen anywhere on your own land. If it's on the boundary, it counts as a fence and most local authorities have a maximum height (7 ft is common). You mustn't make the screen so big that it stops the window getting light.

Do Google's plans to use your PC Mic invade your privacy?

Q) Google are planning to use the microphones on home PC's to 'listen' to background chatter, and target you with instant advertising based on key-words it picks up. Google are planning to use the microphones on home PC's to 'listen' to background chatter, and target you with instant advertising based on key-words it picks up. More info on it here: Do you think this is taking away people's privacy? .

A) Yes Definitely! Jungle boy should listen to the drums or/and prison In the UK Big Brother have fixed tags to our trash cans to monitor the amount of(taxable) trash we discard, all without our knowledge or our permission - anything is possible. So wise up minor leaguers Big Brother& Co want all you've got.

Google to 'listen in' on your PC Mic. Is this an invasion of privacy?

Q) In the news recently, is see that Google are planning to use the microphones on home PC's to 'listen' to background chatter, and target you with instant advertising based on key-words it picks up. Google are planning to use the microphones on home PC's to 'listen' to background chatter, and target you with instant advertising based on key-words it picks up. More info on it here: Do you think this is taking away people's privacy? .

A) Interesting find. It would generally be considered an invasion of privacy, but they'll stick something in small type in the End-User License Agreement which will cover them. There's a quick and easy way to solve this...don't use the new Google software.

can i erect another fence in front of existing one on my land to enable more privacy?

Q) i have some very nosey neighbours and wish to ease this problem. we are not sure whose boundry the existing fence is so could we erect another more obscured type of fencing ie larch lap perhaps on our side of this fence to gain our privacy. these neighbours ars not very obliging to ask beforehand.

A) To really find out whose property the fence is on. You would call a property appraiser. Then get like a wooden fence or something solid so that they can't watch over.Everything depends on your budget. By putting a solid fence, grass or weeds will grow between the fences. Don't know your laws where your from, but if they are a-holes and can get away with it(ALL POWER TO YOU).

Who can I complain to in the UK about a web site or software that breaches my Privacy?

Q) I recently installed Google Earth. At the end of the install it 'Automatically' installed Google as my default search engine. I saw the 'Do you want to make Google your default search engine' question but it 'autmoatically skipped' giving me option. I want to complain to someone Official as I feel my Privacy has been violated.

A) I don't see that this breaches your privacy in any way, but agree that it would annoy the hell out of me. Just change the setting back in your browser back to whatever you had before. A far more important issue this should wake you up to is the fact you haven't 'anti hijacked' any of your browser settings. On a properly protected system it would not have been able to change this setting WITHOUT AN OK FROM YOU! You should consider using Windows defender or 'spybot search and destroy' as they will stop anything like this happening again by google or anyone else.

... with my friends. I did also change privacy setting.??????????

Q) Hi, I did upload my photos, and chang " can be viewed by: Public". However, it doesn't work. Furthermore, I also tried to change privacy setting. But it doesn't work too. Could u tell me what I should do?

A) ah but did you share it with her next door ?

privacy glass film for evening other than blinds or curtains ,nosy neighbours!?

Q) love a constructive answer other than her being nosy in eve ! and me not having to shut my curtains!

A) u could get one way film put on but first answer is right with light inside your house neighbours will still see in. sneak out late and spray their windows with black paint they cant see out. frosting will keep windows opaque but u wont see out or u could for temporary put windoline on ur windows.

Do People have the right to privacy?

Q) Most people are concerned with their privacy, at least when it comes to their own privacy - but just what is privacy? That's a difficult question to answer, in part because the question of privacy is so complicated and filled with so many contradictions. There are many different kinds of privacy which we may or may not have a right to: right to protect personal data, right to privacy in personal decisions, and so forth. Which, if any, do we really have a right to?

A) all the above.

WHat is the deal wit privacy for privacy's sake?

Q) Privacy IS important! I don't want people to know my police record; don't want people to know if I was being trated for syphlis and don't want people to know my banking password. but in each of those cases there is a tangible, in most cases there is no tangible loss if people find out information about me. In many cases ther is no way to keep things private! If you walk out of a Doctor's office with a cast on you arm, people are going to KNOW, you have a fracture - wether the doctor lets people know or not. If you are acting like a bipolar, people do not need to read your medical record. If you drnk and drive, people are going to know you are a drunk. There is only one P in HIPAA and it does not stand for 'Privacy'. Yet all that is done in name of HIPAA is litigation in the name of privacy. Privacy is important but when it cmaes in the way of people's safety and the extent to which they can be served by health care profassionals and national security, we need to think again. Agree?

A) Information that seems inconsequential can be aggregated and used in many ways. The simplest way to protect people from abusive uses of their own information is to seal it all. - 'Acting like bipolar' at some point in your life will not prevent you from getting a job. If your records are not private, being treated for being bipolar can cost you a job. - Health information can be used for political purposes to custom-tailor political advertisements to remove parts of the program that the recipient would not agree with. All elderly? Cut wasteful education costs. All young? Cut social security increases. All healthy? Free the Pharmaceutical industry from taxes. - Health information can be used to create a whisper-campaign against a political candidate. (Has candidate X been treated for cancer? Had plastic surgery?) - If you drank in your youth but no longer drink - is that something everyone already knows about you? If it was public then, how do you seal it now? Too late. - If you were treated as a teenager for depression, but not in the last 40 years, should that information be public? Everyone who knew you then already knows...according to your logic.

How do you write "privacy" in Chinese?

Q) A mother accuses her daughter of doing something bad. She says: "What bad thing are you up to? What are you hiding from your own mother?" The daughter says: "I'm not hiding anything. It is called 'privacy.'" 你 幹 了 甚 麼 壞 事 了? 連 你 媽 都 瞞 zhe. 我 沒 瞞 zhe. privacy. How do you write "privacy" in Chinese? Do you say -- I want a little privacy. Give me some privacy.

A) "I want a little privacy." means "我想有一點隱私" "Give me some privacy." means "給我一些隱私" can say.... "我想有一點隱私權" "給我一些隱私權" "隱私權" means "The privacy rights" Can the American say "The privacy rights" ? @@"~ "隱私權" ( yǐn sī quán )

privacy policy of

Q) this is the privacy policy of a website. it really sucks. "once inactivated, reserves the right to share, transfer, sell or license that inactive past member's information in any form or manner."

A) Well, written like that it seems clean, honest and legal, even if it sucks for you. It's important to learn not to accept everything without reading.

Privacy protection for 501(c)3 donor lists?

Q) I am on the board for a nonprofit organization. I would like to see the list of donors from our last fundraiser to thank those donors whom we know gave on our behalf. Is the list of donors a privacy protected list or is it public information? The organization does publish a list in its quarterly newsletters which go out to about 1600 people and businesses. Even though the organization has already sent a thank you to all donors, we feel that people who know us and have given on our behalf deserve a more personal thank you. The CEO does not want to allow us to have access to the list for privacy reasons. I would like to know the process as it should be followed and to know how other organizations handle such cases.

A) If I'm not mistaken, a 501(c)3 has to list its donors on its 990 form to the IRS. While that isn't necessarily a public document, you should have access to it as a member of the board.

Privacy Glass for license plate cover, where to buy privacy glass?

Q) ok, so I'm not looking for window tint. I'm looking for the glass (like in some clubs) that when you close the door, it becomes tinted. somthing about completeing the circuit. Well, i've seen it done before, and I want to know how to do it, but i need to know where to buy privacy glass. any help? any ideas? heres the link where its been done- ok, so I'm not looking for window tint. I'm looking for the glass (like in some clubs) that when you close the door, it becomes tinted. somthing about completeing the circuit. Well, i've seen it done before, and I want to know how to do it, but i need to know where to buy privacy glass. any help? any ideas? heres the link where its been done- *and yes it i illegal to obstruct vision of your plates but it will be on a switch to turn on/off ....i just need more privacy glass info so i can make it.

A) First of all, in *all* jurisdictions in the US it is *illegal* to obscure you license plate, adn will get you a ticket.

Privacy and the Internet?

Q) do we have to concern our privacy while we are purchasing online? what are the negative points that the Internet would bring? put more emphasizes and details on the personal privacy part! thanx

A) On an average, any information sent of the Internet can be viewed and/or retrieved by others. But fear not, there are tools, tips and programs that can help with securing privacy on the Internet. Especially, shopping. 1. Make sure you have a firewall installed on your computer. This is a program that protects outside intruders from accessing your computer and any information on it. 2. Update your anti-virus software and schedule it to run in the background. This is a program that will monitor any potential virii that may be on the computer and also prevent certain virii (Trojans) from being placed on your computer and sending you info across the Internet. 3. Install a ad-ware/spyware program. Ad ware/Spy ware are files that are installed on your computer from the websites you visit. These files are used to track your Internet activities and send it over the Internet. 4. READ...READ....READ...the privacy policies of the companies you are shopping with. ASK...ASK..ASK questions of those companies if you still don't understand their polices. If this was a little overwhelming, check out the following websites.

right to privacy and the blogger?

Q) hello to all, I am a student and i am doing a research regarding the right to privacy and bloggers. so i am asking for your help and your opinion and would like to post a few questions. first, i guess none of you believe a right to privacy even exist for the blogger. if any one object i would like to hear secondly, think about it, yes, as a blogger, you published your blog on the net, but can someone/or a reoprter quote you or criticize you on a public or well know newspaper? moreover, if a blogger concider himself a journalist, is he obligated to the right to privacy of the person he writes about? anyother question and answer will be more than welcome thank you

A) In my opinion if you put something out in public space you should expect it to be public. Also since it is not copyrighted it is not protected in the fact that someone can come along and use what you say in another public forum without giving you/blogger credit. If the blogger has any common sense/civility he should let his friends know that what they say could end up on his blog just like a journalist should be letting his quotes know that they will end up in print/ public view.

Myspace: does this NEW profile privacy strategy work for everyone?

Q) Previously, I used the trick of changing one's age to 14 or 15 to get a private profile. Last week, I decided to change back to my real age. Luckily, my previous private profile settings (which are only for 14 and 15 year olds) stayed the same!! I verified my findings by logging out of myspace, and then trying to look at my profile. Fortunately, it still read "This user's profile is set to private..."! I even checked on another computer, it was the same. Now it's been like that for over a week! I told my friend, who also had her age as 14, and she switched her profile back to her real age as well. The previous privacy settings remained for her, too!! Supposedly, myspace retains the privacy settings to protect youngsters who want to change their age to seem older. My question is: does this privacy method work for everyone? See if it works for you...change your age to 14 or 15, leave it that way for a while, and then switch back to your real age. Do the privacy settings remain? FYI: I based the reasoning for the strategy (why the myspace system retains the privacy settings) on this answer from the user Easymover00 for another one of my questions: "It stays because mysapce thinks your changeing your age so that you can have a public profile. so they keep it that way, its not a hack, its there way of trying to make sure 13 and 14 year olds cant act older after they put in there age the first time."

A) well i have a myspace account and on my birthday it said i was 18 which i was 19 so i changed it and it let me it didn't keep the age as 18 but my sis is 15 and her profile isn't private i think what it is, is that the settings weren't changed i don't think it has anythin to do with the age b/c my sis' was never set to private but i will look to check it out and see and i'll email u with my findings if that's ok with u.

MYSPACE privacy settings?!?!?!?

Q) Everyone says that you have to change you age to 14 to have a private profile. I am 15 and just got a myspace. I setted it to only friends. Will it stay this way when I get older? For example, when Im 20, will it still stay private and only allow my friends to view my profile? Im confused! Also, I heard that the privacy settings dont work and pedophiles can still get around it. Is this true? Did anything happen to your myspace with this privacy thing?

A) If you are 15... it does on default, no matter if you have it on private or not. But since you specifically put in that you wanted it private, so it should still work. But when you turn 16 it changes the age automatically, so just kinda check it, log out and type in the URL to your site in your web browser, and if it doesn't work, just reset it. (Go back and follow the steps I have you earlier, for myspace in order to set it to private) About the pedophile thing. Just watch what you type on myspace, don't type in you last name, on the NAME section of "edit profile" and if you put your e-mail in than just watch you e-mail, if you get any one that you don't know, don't open it, they could install a trojan in which they can see EVERY thing you type, every IM, every e-mail, everything. So just take basic safety precautions and unless their REALLY persistant, you should be fine. Just one thing you should look for, is if you see ANYTHING weird on your myspace, like changes that you didn't make, anything at all, whether its just a space where you didn't put it, anything... delete it and start over, if they do hit your myspace, they'll usually leave something un-noticiable, and it will just be a virus, like on my myspace.. I have a different name on mine, thats not me, well last name. So just watch out. It could happen to anyone, but if your careful, and take precautions, you should be fine unless they really REALLY really want to find out stuff about you. hope that helps xxxkorkyxxx

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