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Credit repair

Questions and Answers

what is your experience with credit rating repair companies?

Q) do they work? are they a rip off. Is it just a case of paying your debts on time and regularly and waiting for your credit rating to get back to normal in the process? or is it bad for life?

A) Seriously...there is no way you can repair your bad credit other than paying it off and building your score up this way. Trust me...I used to work for Mastercard and was one of the things we learned in training. Just pay the minimum payment to your creditors (if you can manage it) they HAVE to accept this or set up a payment plan.If they don't accept it then let them pass you to a debt collector...they don't charge interest (most of em anyway) which means you'll pay it off much quicker. Good Luck to you, I know the feeling too well.

how do I repair my credit after a divorce?

Q) I dont own a car or a house but I do make an alright wage. I dont have any credit cards and the only thing I have to pay other than living exspences is alimony

A) you didn't say you have bad credit, so the best way to improve your credit is to actually get some credit. Apply for some credit cards and not use them to much.

Hi im from london. dose anyone knows where i can repair my credit scoring?

Q) I have a bad credit scoring, i cant get credit anywhere, im studying i have my fees to pay. what can i do?

A) I am inclined to say work and save. The credit counseling people may help, of course. Once a credit score is either knackered or skinned outright creditors can be scared off. Funny, credit cards and sometimes car loans are the places people can get credit, but the interest is killer.

how can i repair my credit score?

A) You can raise your credit score. Here are some tips How to Evaluate and Raise Your Credit Score

how do i repair my credit rating?

A) you from the UK? got info the other day from a company called Nationwide Credit consultants tel:0870 787 1990, call is free. You pay them a fee and can have your history cleared of the last 6 years, and yes it is Legal too so try that. I will.

Anyone know good ways to repair very bad credit?

A) find a sugar daddy

Bad Credit History Please Help?

Q) I have a bad credit history and get refused everything lol I need a bank account that lets me pay direct debits and gives a cash card eg current account???? Does anyone know a bank that would let me have one please? or any advise on repairing my credit status!! thanks guys

A) Go to they can help

What are the latest scams to hit the u.k.? Are people still falling for that Spanish lottery?

Q) and has anybody ever paid one of these credit repair companies cos I received a letter today and it looked convincing but I wouldn't dream of sending off the 68 quid they asked for

A) If you send me £1.50 I will tell you.

are there any totally free pc repair downloads available?

Q) i have downloaded free repair tools before, but after going through the motions when you get to the end you suddenly need your credit card?

A) Hello Dear you can download some software for this purpose :<ype=dl_dlnow&lop=link&edId=3&siteId=4&oId=3040-2086_4-10516960&ontId=2086_4&destUrl=

The Link UK Returns Policy?

Q) Hey, my pay as you go mobile phone has recently stopped working, i have lost my reciept but have the original packaging and the barcode is still on the box, will i be able to return the phone and exchange it for another one? or store credit or repair? also when i purchased the phone they took my details, and put them onto a computer im not sure why but will i be able to use this as my proof of purchase? Many thanks in advance! :D (Y)

A) Taken from TheLink website: "If there is a fault with your product within 12 months of delivery (or other defect with your order), we will normally offer a prompt repair, exchange or refund. We will always offer you the choice of an exchange or refund wherever possible if the fault occurs within 28 days of delivery (please note, we are only able to offer refunds on Pay monthly mobile phones within 14 days of delivery due to the service providers airtime terms & conditions). To qualify for a refund or exchange the product must be: in otherwise “as new” condition; and complete with any accessories and free gifts offered with it (and, if possible, the original box and packaging). For contract mobile phones, we can only offer a refund within 14 days of delivery. After 14 days and up to 28 days, we will offer an exchange of the faulty product. Please return the product to one of our stores or phone Aftersales on 0870 333 1222 (9am to 6pm Monday to Friday). If a fault occurs while you are abroad, please contact us after you return to the UK. This promise does not cover faults caused by accident, neglect, misuse or normal wear and tear. For consumable items (e.g. non-reachargeable batteries) the guarantee period is three months from delivery. If any refund due to a fault or other defect will include a refund of the applicable delivery charge. We will also pay for our costs of collecting goods for replacement or refund if they are not taken into a store. Replacement goods are sent by standard delivery only - premium services are not available." By law a receipt is not essential as long as it can be proven in some way that the item was purchased from TheLink. Their own records may be able to do this. However, if you can, try to find your own evidence such as a credit card or bank statement showing the payment to TheLink, though do not bother if this is going to delay you taking the phone back to the shop.

credit repair?

Q) any experiences with credit repair, credit repair agencies,books, websites, etc.... i need to repair my credit

A) I have been to "many" different credit repair sites on the web. Some were pretty good and some were pretty bad. I refuse to use a website that requires a fee to get their credit repair info when there is great free sites on the web.. I'm listing the best site that I've ever been to. It is a "free" do it yourself credit repair site. I have learned so much by reading and asking questions on that site. And, I have seen "significant" improvement on my credit reports after learning my rights and using them. Don't pay for information that you can find for free.

credit repair?

Q) does a debit card repair credit in the same way that a secured credit card does? if not, what's the best secured credit card out there (lowest cost, etc.)

A) A debit card does not appear on your credit report. A debit card is linked to your checking account and has a Visa or Mastercard logo so that you can buy things over the Internet, over the phone, or at a store without having to enter a pin number. Secured credit cards are sometimes just a scam, so be careful. The best way to build credit is to get a savings or CD secured loan through a bank.

credit repair?

Q) what is the quickest way to repair credit ? My friend is getting out a very bad divorce where his ex wife ruined his credit, they were more than 90 days late on cars, home. ect. score is about 550.

A) Go get a "secured" credit card...Any spare money that they have sittin around (I know, yeah right) but seriously, use that money to open an account that is your own money through a credit card...You can still use the money, but you are paying off yourself instead of a lender and you still get the benefit of building your credit back up...good luck! Also, people are less likely to give you credit if you are behind on school loans, car payments, and mortgages. They aren't AS concerned about credit cards (unless they all have like $5,000 maxed on them) Try your best to keep up with the important bills, if you can't afford the lesser ones, not that bills aren't important...but you know what I mean

Credit Repair?

Q) Hello, all, I'm working at repairing my credit and have made a little bit of progress. However my score is still on the upper range of the poor grade. Is there anyway to legally remove adverse items from your reports? A collection account for instance. Thanks in advance for your responses. Thank you for your responses so far. Yes I have paid off the collection items. I'd just like them removed from my report even though it hasn't been 5 or 7 or 100 years since they were paid off.

A) good day, Im sorry to hear about your situation, everybody goes through all that mess anyway...heres a good credit assistance I recommend to you, they're for free no worries!

Credit Repair - Credit Cards - Does the type of card make a difference?

Q) I found a huge credit card directory... Does the credit card you apply for make a difference on your credit report? If I apply for a poor credit credit card - - Would this effect my credit report? If I apply for a really great credit card like American Express Blue: - Would this look good on my credit report if I am approved? And would this look really bad on my report if I am denied compared to a poor credit credit card? I have been reviewing all the credit cards: & found to have an overall rating and benefit rating as the highest so far... I am scared to apply if I get turned down and it shows on my credit report as being turned down by a GOOD credit card...

A) Your credit report and score doesn't care if you have prime or subprime cards. But, if you have a subprime card on your reports (like Aspire) and try applying for a prime, the prime company may notice. (That doesn't necessarily mean getting denied with a prime company though. But it might(?) mean a lower limit or higher scores) As for applying "through" that site you've listed, I wouldn't recommend it. Always go to the home site of the credit card you are applying for. Don't trust putting your sensitive info on any application through a site like the one you listed. I'm not saying that particular site is bad, I don't know, but I do know that people have had their ID's stolen by going through similar sites when applying. As for the Amex Blue, it is hard to get unless you have pretty good credit. Most Amex cards are hard to get without a good credit history, but Blue is one of the harder ones. Since you didn't list your scores or your baddies on your reports you might go to the link I've provided. Click on forums then look at the upper right corner for CreditPulls. You can put your score (or a few points higher score) and click on the search button. When the results come up, click on score and it will sort it from the highest to lowest scores. It will list many different things - what card it is, if the person was approved or not. How much the credit line is. Many times it will say what baddies were on the peoples reports at the time of applying. And much more. After looking through that, you might look through the credit forum. Do searches on the card you are thinking about and then read of others experiences when applying etc. You might also learn how to deal with any baddies on your reports if you have any.

Put credit repair scams in one sentence.?

Q) Put this into one sentence. Credit Repair Scams Credit repair scams offer to erase accurate negative information from your credit file so you can qualify for a credit card, auto loan, home mortgage, or a job. The scam: The scam artists who promote these services can't deliver. Only time, a deliberate effort, and a personal debt repayment plan will improve your credit. The companies that advertise credit repair services appeal to consumers with poor credit histories. Not only can't they provide you with a clean credit record, but they also may be encouraging you to violate federal law. If you follow their advice by lying on a loan or credit application, misrepresenting your Social Security number, or getting an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service under false pretenses, you will be committing fraud.

A) Good news!! They're not ALL bad, just 99%. There is one REAL company who actually does it very right. He has been in business 13 years AND NEVER HAD ONE COMPLAINT filed against him, which is unheard of in this scam business He just lives in the town next to me, but he helps people all over the country. All the people I know of who used him have had their records a very reasonable price (if he doesn't clear items off your report, you don't pay, and he charges only $50 or so for each item taken off). If you want it done, this guy is the real deal. He's a friend of mine. He'll appreciate your credit problems and really help you. Here's his address:

Do credit repair Co. really repair you credit by improving your credit score?

Q) I was wondering if anyone who has been to these credit repair companies? If so, do they really repair your credit? Bye how much? How much did it cost? How long was the process? What's the company name you went to? Would you recommend it to others? What other advice do you have for others that want to improve there credit score? or What to look for?

A) Go to Consumer Credit Counseling...they'll do everything that can legally be done. (Some of the things you see advertised are not legal, and some companies claim to be able to do things that they CAN'T.) Best of all, CCC is a non-profit organization, and won't cost you anything.

credit repair questions?

Q) hey all, We are trying to repair our credit for many years now. from our experience we have been sent letters back from credit companies telling us that our credit on there is valid and that they will not be changing it. My understanding is that they have to provide proof of this and yet that havnt. What is the best way of action to get these 3 companies to start removing items and what is the best site out there that provides me with all three credit reports all in one for free? Also please provide me with a couple of sites that explain in detail in help regarding steps to do and sample letters that are current that i may use to get my point across. thank you kindly please provide actual answers or i will delete the question and then no one gets any points even for just posting. Why is it that i get dumb dumb answers that are evident. The point of questions on Yahoo answers is to get info based on your question not just to post idiotic posts. thank you as well annualcredit costs money with alot of there services. And please dont provide the common answers that they can only keep info on there for 7 years we know this everyone knows this. The problem is obvious "removing this stuff" if you dont have experience in this please dont answer as you will not get points anyway. Sorry to all those that do care about answering but you have to understand my frustration with alot of kids answering on here or people that just are answering on common things they have heard. thanks again

A) I understand your frustrations on here. And believe it or not, many of the answerers 'do not' know that they can only report credit/loan debt for 7 years. Yet they answer anyway. If you are wanting a 3in1 report for free - they do not come free, plus the 3in1's are not always accurate themselves. The best place to get your free reports is from the government FACT-ACT site (as some of the others mention) The government considers any other (so called) free report sites nothing but scam sites. You can get your reports for free, but you cannot get your scores for free from anywhere. But, using a free report could work against you, unless you got the free report from being denied credit. As long as the credit bureaus are reporting inaccurately, you can dispute the inaccuracies. If you use the free reports to dispute from that will give them an extra 15 days to investigate (45 days). Which could mean the difference in an inaccurate tradeline remaining instead of being deleted. If you dispute with a paid report (or a free denial report) from each bureau they have 30 days to investigate. (even "how" you dispute can be a factor in it remaining or being deleted) The question you had asked is rather broad. Alot of how you deal with the baddies on your report depends on a few factors, such as - if you are dealing with the original creditor or a collection agency and if what is reported is accurate or not. Or if the accounts that are reported are even yours or not. How you deal with the companies depends on if you are dealing with the original creditor or a collection agency. When you request debt "validation" from a collection agency, they "must" provide it. If you had requested validation within the first 30 days after they first contacted you, they "must" halt "all" collection on the account until they provide validation. If the collection agency had place the account on your reports before giving you time to dispute or request validation from them first, within the first 30 days, that is a violation. If you are dealing with an original creditor, they must provide "verification" of the debt I have been to quite a few do it yourself credit repair sites on the web and while some are pretty bad, there are a few good sites. Never pay a site for info that you can get for free. You might check out the site I've listed. Do some reading in the Newbie Forum first and then in the Credit Forum. It is a totally free site and has a very large database of legal information and letters to draw from. Plus there are many members on there that can help answer or explain any questions you may have. Quite a few of the members have been, or are now in the same boat you are in. Many of the members who 'have' been in that shape have stayed around to help the newer people. And, there are quite a few members that are constently reading through the FTC, FTC opinion letters, FCRA, FDCPA and state statutes to find anything that may help others.

Starting A Credit Repair and Financial Counseling Business?

Q) I currently work as a mortgage broker who specializes in bad credit loans. I have helped many of my clients understand their credit reports and what they can do to improve their credit. I love this part of my job, am good at it and would like to turn it into a source of income. I would like to take a credit repair client, obtain their credit reports and explain the information contained in them in detail. I would give recommendations about what they can do to raise their score and a detailed step by step plan of action. For an additional fee, I would dispute incorrect items on their behalf. I plan to keep my prices low and offer honest, realistic advice specific to the individual's situation and goals. What certifications or licenses do I need to start a business that does this? I did find out I need a $50,000 surety bond for this. How do I get that? I have checked my state's website and most of the information given there was pretty vague. I'd like to hear from someone who has done this before.

A) This is an excellent idea, I plan on doing this myself .. You need to check out your state laws for "Credit Repair Organizations" There are regualtions you have to follow. You can get a bond throught most insurance agents, but if you dont have a business it is based on your personal credit. But agian FIND your state laws.. There are regs regarding what your contract must state(You have to have a contract) you will need a limited power of attny.. and other things.

Do credit repair programs really work?

Q) I came across some programs offered by, ex-bankers, ex-credit bureau agents that offer tactics and software that enable you to repair your credit. They claim to be able to create a new credit file. Anyone know if they work? What happens to your old credit file?

A) The way they 'create' a new credit file is typically by creating some variety of fraudulent identity. Then they will take your money and run leaving you with federal charges. A lot of these illegal services can be identified when they ask for money up front which is illegal (see the ftc link). One credit service I know and trust is National Consumer Credit Service ( ) They offer a pay for performance option so that you only pay for items they are able to remove or improve on your credit report. In addition they have a great Q&A section on credit and credit repair subjects.

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